/Biweekly Subscriptions

Biweekly Subscriptions

$280.00 every 2 weeks

5 Available

A Biweekly Floral Subscription includes a delivery of a beautiful floral arrangement uniquely designed by Nicki Gray every two weeks. The ample sized arrangements will have high end floral varieties and colors thoughtfully chosen based on season availability, quality and beauty. Twice a month will have a new featured seasonally appropriate design for you to enjoy in your home or business space. This also makes a thoughtful gift for someone special.

$280.00 (includes delivery in qualified delivery areas)

5 Available

Florals frequently used in Floral Subscriptions are Roses, Spray Roses, Garden Roses, Hydrangea, Peonies, Ranunculus, Dutch Tulips, Calla’s and Orchids, seasonal specialty florals and with unique fillers, branches, seasonal and tropical greens and succulents.

Images shown in Floral Subscriptions are for example purposes. Actual floral arrangements may be exact but could have substituted floral varieties or substituted color shades. If a substitution is necessary the floral product will always be equal to or higher in product type. Products chosen will be based on seasonal availability and highest quality available. Colors and product types are thoughtfully chosen based on the current season. Arrangements will be designed with the freshest quality product available to the studio. Please browse the portfolio for examples of previous work. Floral Subscriptions will feature a new design each month for you to enjoy.

Floral Subscriptions are for delivery only. To maintain the freshest quality floral products subscriptions are only available within the Frisco and surrounding area. Delivery fees are included in prices shown. Please check for qualifying delivery zip codes and delivery policies below. Deliveries will be scheduled at your convenience. You may also email your questions to info@nickigray.com

Qualifying zip codes
75034, 75033, 75024, 75035, 75065, 75010, 75093, 75287, 75252, 75001, 75248, 75011